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Established in 2001, Wintech Korea Co., Ltd. has provided various types of film for printing, packaging, lighting and other customer needs, and has taken the lead in various industrial developments.
In January 2018 we introduced a PET extrusion line from the German firm BREYER and a PMMA sheet extrusion line in 2020, transforming into a specialized plastic manufacturer instead of a simple distributor. Since then we’ve utilized our specialized personnel and excellent facilities to create high-quality PET and PMMA products and have given customers great satisfaction.

The executives and employees at Wintech Korea do not settle for the present. To ensure competitiveness, we are ceaselessly develop new products and innovation using a technology institute.We will be here as your stepping stone to your success.
We will continue our efforts to think from the customers’ point of view, seek mutual growth, and care for the environment and the future.

Thank you.

Park Heui-jo, CEO of Wintech Korea