Wintech Korea’s APET sheets are used in a variety of industries including for packaging for food, commerce, medical, etc and materials for advertisements and glass replacement, etc.


  • Eco-friendliness
  • Recycled raw material can be used on request
  • Good moldability allows usage for various molded goods
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Can be used for various coatings (hard coating, anti-fog coating, mold release coating, etc.)

Production specifications

Thickness: 0.15–1.5 mm (5.9–59 mil)
Width: Max. 1,350 mm (53”)
Material: Can be cut according to customer requests in rolls or flat sheets

Applicable areas

Face shields, price charts, card cases, signs, food packaging

Product info (thickness: 0.20–2.00 mm)
Property Unit Search filters Test method
Specific gravity - 1.34
Thickness mm Target ± 5% WTX Method
Width mm Target ± 0~3 WTX Method
Length mm Target ± 0~3 WTX Method
Squareness mm L1-L2≤3.0 WTX Method
Haze % Below 5.0 JIS K 7105
Transmittance % Above 88.0 JIS K 7105
Softening temperature 78 DSC
Softening point 76 ASTM D1525
Tensile strength 57.0 ASTM D638
Tensile factor 2.75 ASTM D638
Elongation rate % 388 ASTM D638