Raw materials used are harmless to the human body and the environment, impurities are prevented in the entire process from the raw material to the complete product stages, in compliance with standards required by the medical industry.


  • 100% medical PETG (FDA-approved)
  • Harmless to the human body
  • Can be gamma-ray sterilized
  • Complex molding possible without bloom
  • Shock and chemical-resistant

Production specifications

Thickness: 0.15–2.0 mm (5.9–79 mil)
Width: Max. 1,350 mm (53”)
Material: Can be cut according to customer requests in rolls or flat sheets

Applicable areas

Medical device packaging, use of orthodontic

Product info (thickness: 0.25–2.00 mm)
Property Unit Search filters Test method
Specific gravity - 1.27
Thickness mm Target ± 5% WTX Method
Width mm Target ± 0~3 WTX Method
Length mm Target ± 0~3 WTX Method
Mold shrinkage % 0.3~0.6 ASTM D955
Rockwell hardness R-scale 110 ASTM D785
Tensile strength Kgf/㎠ 410 ASTM D638
Tensile elongation % 250 ASTM D638
Bending strength Kgf/㎠ 705 ASTM D790
Bending elasticity modulus Kgf/㎠ 21500 ASTM D790
Izod impact strength notch @ 23℃ J/m 100.0 ASTM D256
Heat distortion temperature @0.455 ㎫ @1.820 ㎫ 70/62 ASTM D256
Haze % <1.0 ASTM D1003
Transmittance % 90 ASTM D1003