This material has been a long time favorite of consumers, and we supply it cost-competitively in stable quality.


  • Transparency close to that of glass
  • Half the weight of class, high shock resistance
  • Weatherproof, scratch-resistant
  • Excellent moldability, processability, adhesion
  • Glare prevention and hard-coating post-processing available

Production specifications

Thickness: 1.5–10 mm (59–395 mil)
Width: 800–1,360 mm (31.5–53.5”)
Material: can be cut in flat sheets according to customer requests

Applicable areas

Partitions, PR materials, signs, cosmetics containers, sound proof walls, lighting domes, aquariums

Product info (thickness : 2.00 ~8.00 mm)
Property Test conditions Unit Main value Test method
Specific gravity g/cm3 1.19 JIS K7112
Penetration ratio 3mm % 93 JIS K7361
Haze 3mm % 0.3 JIS K7136
Refractive index nd - 1.49 JIS K7142
Absorption factor 24hr % 0.3 JIS K7209
Ratio J/(g・℃) 1.5 JIS K7123
Linear expansion coefficient 1/℃ 6×10-5 JIS K7197
Thermal conductance W/(m・℃) 0.2 JIS A1412
Heat distortion temperature 1.82MPa 100 JIS K7191
Vicat softening temperature 50N 107.0 JIS K7112
Melt flow index 230℃,37.3N g/10min 2 JIS K7210
Spiral liquidity 230℃ mm 130 MRC法
Mold shrinkage % 0.2-0.6 MRC法
Tensile strength 1A/5 MPa 77 JIS K7162
Elongation 1A/5 % 6 JIS K7162
Tensile modulus 1A/1 GPa 3.3 JIS K7162
Bending strength MPa 140 JIS K7171
Bending elasticity modulus GPa 3.3 JIS K7171
Sparpy impact strength 1eU unnotched kJ/m2 20 JIS K7111
Rockwell hardness M scale - 101 JIS K7202
Surface resistance Ω >1016 JIS K6911
Volume resistance Ωm >1013 JIS K6911
Dielectric breakdown strength 4kV/sec MV/m 20 JIS K6911
Permittivity 60Hz - 3.7 JIS K6911
Power factor 60Hz - 0.05 JIS K6911
Arc resistance - No track JIS K6911
UL 94 1.5mm, 3.0mm - HB File No. E54695