Wintech Korea’s PET coating products satisfy various customer demands and utilize various coating methods and affiliates to lead new trends.


  • High-quality PET Base film (Toray, SKC)
  • Various coating methods
  • Durable and rigorous follow-up management
  • Various processing facilities allow compliance with customer requests

Production specifications

Thickness: 0.04–0.25 mm (1.5–10 mil)
Width, length: Can be tailored to customer requests

Applicable areas

Partitions, PR materials, signs, cosmetics containers, sound proof walls, lighting domes, aquariums

<span style=”font-size: 24px; color: #333;”>제품정보 </span><span style=”font-size: 18px; color: #666;”>(두께 : 0.15 ~1.00 mm)</span>
물성 단위 검색 필터 Test 방식
비중 - 1.34
두께 mm Target ± 5% WTX Method
mm Target ± 0~3 WTX Method
길이 mm Target ± 0~3 WTX Method
직각도 mm L1-L2≤3.0 WTX Method
헤이즈 % Below 5.0 JIS K 7105
투과도 % Above 88.0 JIS K 7105
연화온도 78 DSC
연화점 76 ASTM D1525
인장강도 57.0 ASTM D638
인장계수 2.75 ASTM D638
연신율 % 388 ASTM D638